It is a universal fact that when people are deprived of the benefit of proper education, they suffer the most and those who enjoy it, generally rule the world. Such of the communities and nations who take the trouble of catering to the educational needs of the people, become the masters and, those who neglect it become oppressed. This is rule of life and nature upholds the same without any variation in time and place. Education leads to development,progress and prosperity and conversely ignorance, illiteracy and deprivation of education results in desperation and helplessness. Man today lives in a world of mechanization and automation and the role of scientific and technological applications to unmark the mysteries of the universe and life, makes his education more interesting and challenging. The boundaries of learning and knowing are becoming vaster and vaster in order to conquer the environment of man to the best satisfaction of his needs. Education must give to the community or nation a fully developed, mature and balanced individual, a healthy, strong, intelligent, efficient and a creative person and above all a useful, civilized and cultured human being.
To achieve all of the above Islamic Educational Society Sopore established Model Public School Sopore at the time when educational scenario in the valley had got a big setback.
Model Public School with ideal surroundings, beautiful academic atmosphere, committed management, dedicated efficient teachers, magnificent constructions and other necessary infrastructural facilities as library, laboratory, sports facilities and the latest educational devices as computers, projectors etc., the school stands today as a“Future Hope” for our coming generations.
I pray to Almighty Allah that Model Public School may flourish and progress day by day (Ameen ya Rabb!) and achieve all its set goals for which school was established (Ameen!)

G.M Dar

School is a place where the future of a nation is shaped, the place where a baby is taken after leaving the lap of a mother. Here the gates of the world get opened for the child. The parents admit a child in a school foe a cause with a cause. A child is handed over to the teachers to take care of his physical, moral and mental development.
A child is put in an atmosphere mixes where he interacts with other children of the society where there is no discrimination on the basis of race, caste, colour, creed or richness. All the students come in the same uniform, sit in one class, are taught the same lesson by the same teacher in one single environment . They receive the nourishment together.
Model Public School Model Town Sopore since its inception with all the odds is marching forward with the aim of “Educating and Humanising” the children through proper schooling under the guidance of, educationists scholars and God fearing personalities of the society and guiding the youth in the field of education in light of the Quran’s “IQRA” and the Prophet’s saying, “Seeking of knowledge is obligatory upon all the Muslims (translated)” .
We are holding the path shown to us and are torch bearers for the future generations. The School has honour to state that hundreds of students from Sopore in general and state in particular have been benefitted and are benefiting from the school since decades of its inception. Countless students both boys and girls have shown shining results and have brought laurels to this school and the society.
We are meant for the cause of Education and to” Enlighten the Darkness” of the society through Educating the youth.
School is on the path to provide all the possible technical and other facilities to acquire the set goals for the students and the management of the school is at the forefront to facilitate and equip the school with all the modern facilities. The dedicated and experienced teachers are repeatedly recharged by way of trainings through workshops and other means to come to the expectations of students and to meet the educational demands of the society.
Students are encouraged to show their worth in academic as well as co-curricular activities.
Our gratitude to the staff, the students, the alumni and all the parents and general public with the hope to help us by your valuable suggestions for improvement. May Allah help us all (Aameen).

Mohammad Amin Dar

In the inexorable forward march of time, years pass by and our students more from year to year and from one class to the next higher one. As they move to a higher class unbeknown they become better persons. Every student is supposed by become a better person day by day. It is the result of both a conscious effort as well as past of general development. This is the education, which in it is as continuous and creative process. It releases latent capabilities, develops analytical abilities, self confidence, will power, goal setting competences and instills the vision that enables the learner to become self-motivating agent in serving the best interests of the community. Providing education to children is the most sincere “ibadah” and the greatest service to humanity which equips the children with spiritual, moral and human values.
Islamic Educational Society jammu and Kashmir sopore aspires for the same. We have been trying utmost to come to the expectations of the people and the pupils.
Let everyone share of the part one has to play to develop the school “Model Public School” really a model here in this World and developing models for “hereafter”.

Irshad Ahmad